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Jasper is an OC from no particular fandom - he should easily interact with whomever he bumps into, and be able to function in most fandoms/universes.

He belongs to me, his typist, as does his world: Jude Law belongs to nobody, and I very much doubt he's secretly a magpie.

Once upon a time, a powerful sorcerer reached into his shamanistic dream and captured an animal spirit. A bird to be more precise. Latin name - pica pica, aka the common British magpie, which he named Jasper. The sorcerer lived in Olde London, and travelled extensively, wizarding, and so forth. The captive spirit, as the sorcerer's familiar, was always there at his side and served his master well. So much so, Jasper was rewarded with with the gift of human form as an addition to his magpie appearance. Eventually the old sorcerer withered and and passed away, his final gift to Jasper being freedom.

So. How can a wayward spirit make his way in the world? Well, with Jasper's particular gifts, he continued with what he knew best. He continued stealing.

He's a very good burglar as it happens, it has provided for a decent lifestyle and a nice little flat in London - although as a petty thief, and an immortal, he travels a lot. Easier that way. Having been in this world since Victorian times, Jasper knows his way around.

( More on the muse's background:)

Smut policy:

As a spirit, he's immortal, even in our world.

Jasper is a magpie who has the option of taking on human form. He's not a magical human who can appear as a bird.

When in magpie form, he can pass through solid matter, so if you stick him in a cage, he'll be gone the moment your back's turned. He can also talk. Magpies are among the birds who are excellent mimics of human voice, so no big surprise there, until he starts holding a proper conversation with you. Although he might choose to behave like just some talking bird.

The spell for becoming human includes a small clause to prevent poor Jasper turning up naked. He'll be dressed in whatever he was wearing before he put on his magpie form – and the contents of whatever he had in his pockets will be present too. As a human he's very light-fingered, and an excellent pickpocket – however that is hardly supernatural. All he can really do, is become a magpie again.

Jasper is neither unkind nor malicious, he's generally quite friendly, but often cheeky, amoral and occasionally verbally abusive. He also has a propensity for mischief, his scruples and perceptions not being human. It might be worthy of note that Jasper, whilst not being incredibly stupid, is not the brightest bulb in the box. These behavioural attributes are probably the reason why familiars need to be kept under control, by the firm hand of an appropriately educated owner.

NOTE: Jasper speaks with a cockney/London accent and the mun dislikes dialect typed out too broadly. Ack, BAD writing. BAD. So to emphasise the muse's "voice", while he's fairly articulate and reasonably educated, ish; he speaks with pretty appalling grammar, and brazen use of double negatives... The mun would like it known that this is deliberate. And that she knows perfectly well how to talk proper.

Mun and muse are well over 18.
There may be explicit adult content in this journal. If you are under 18, move along there.

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